The Snapshots My Way - 2013
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The Nowa Huta Passages IV

The Center B Arcades

Peeping Inside Housing Estate

NCK's New Building II

Kindergarten Entrance

Barred Window

The Nowa Huta Passages III

The Center A Arcades

The Ugly Face of EU

The Nowa Huta Passages II

A Door to Stairwell

The Nowa Huta Passages I

The Center E Housing Estate VIII

Red Trees

A Wooden Cogwheel


The Elevator

Street Lamp Charm II

Street Lamp Charm I
The Meadows Plants II

The Meadows Plants I

The Last Sunset

The Meadows in Black and White

The NCK Back Yard II

The NCK Back Yard I

Side Entrance to the NCK II

Side Entrance to the NCK I

The Center E Facing The Meadows

Sunset Colors Over Central Square

The Reed of The Meadows


The Heat and Power Plant During Sunset II

The Heat and Power Plant During Sunset I

The Center B Arcades